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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Lil C loves wearing shoes at home. And he has learn to put on his own shoe after turning 1, i.e. after he stared to walk. Now, he puts on his own shoe like a lil pro. He doesnt like it if any of us tries to help him. If we do, he will cry and ask us to take it off and he will put the shoe on by himself. Just like what Montessori said, "Help me to help myself", so I showed him to do part of his practical life exercise putting on his shoe (velcro strap).

He also has his own lil Wellington Boots which he loves using it during outdoor. In fact, I did his own lil shoe shelf section just for all his lil shoes. Whenever we are going out, I will ask him to put on his shoe, he will go to his shelf section and choose his wellis.

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"Strap On"

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"There! Done"


hazel said...

C Jr is so smart...! Cel you are doing a fantastic job with him! I wish I have your dedication and patience (what's that?? dat dun exist in my vocabs!!!) hahahah...
Do you think the montessori way has taught him to be a faster learner? OK...if thats the case...im on a mission to find a Montessori playschool for my C! hahah...

Celine said...

Montessori approach is quite straight forward, actually. This bit is called the Practical Life Exercise, where the child is allowed to work on materials that they will use/do during their life time. "Help me to help myself". ;)

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