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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday

Today Christian turned 2! Cant believe that 2 years ago, I was in labour pain and now, my darling baby has grown tall (yet still skinny).

Yesterday, we did a small makan at the house and PohPoh cooked 9 different kind of dishes. JiaPoh baked lil C's special cake, inspired by Christian Sr's. Lil C loves his MoMos (motorbikes), gifts from his Gonggong. (Its Harley Davidson & Triumph model. Gonggong gave lil C the Triumph coz he said it reminded him of his olden times... He own one during his bachelor time, while courting my MIL.. hahaha! So romantic!)

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I turned TWO!!

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Such a happy kid, on a happy day!


rachel cletus said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Christian!! Not so little anymore, eh?! :-)

Celine said...

Thanks! Yabah! huhuhu... Now, he is so independant that he wants to do everything, even to wash his own dishes! (of coz lah, dia mau main air lah...) hehe.. Thanks again! ;)

hazel said...

Belated Birthday to Christian Jr!!!
I think he looks so grown up in his fancy attire...summore mandarin collar pun!!! hehehe....
And i love his themed bike cake! He must have been more interested in the bikes than the cake itself!hehehe...
boys will be boys.....

Celine said...

Thanks Haz! It was a lil do.. calling my family for CNY lunch. He is crazy over motorbikes.. Boys will defi be boys.. p/s I read ur comments about peanuts with the ribbon on his head... hahahaah!!!! So cute!

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