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Thursday, January 31, 2008

HK D3 - Arriving Kowloon

We left Disneyland Resort around 7pm, proceeded to our next destination : Kowloon. Stayed at Eaton Hotel for 3 nights.

Didnt do much upon arrival. Was too exhausted after the Disney thingy and dragging our 4 huge luggages from the Jordan MTR to the hotel lobby. Checked in around 8.30pm and had simple dinner around the area... cant remember where we went! Then we decided to rest for the night. BIL & PIL went to Temple Street instead.

Lil C bored in the hotel room... So he decided to scribble instead.. parents were too exhausted to entertain him!!!

Soon after, he decided to buzz-light-year all the selected trucks seen from the hotel window!

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