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Friday, January 18, 2008

Misconception about the Montessori Method

Its funny that some people are always against something just because!!!

When I quit my full-time job in an 'industry' (I always hilighted this term coz people see things differently) to be a SAHM, the rellies/friends said something about it.

When they heard that I was taking some sort of a child-care diploma, they also said something about it!

and now, they heard me talking about Montessori... they think that it is an old fashion approach...

  • "It is almost a century ago, mana bulih pakai! (not applicable anymore)"
  • "Tidak bagus tu, anak saya pi itu school.. teda belajar apa-apa pun (Not a good school as my child didnt learn anything)" <-- to that I say your fault for not checking on the school programme clearly..
  • "You let your son to make his own decision by himself? Later he wont be listening to you anymore!!" <-- hmmm... havent you ever heard the word RESPECT?
  • "Napa mau ajar buat kerja macam amah, saya mau anak saya pandai in academics! Belajar ABC & 123 barulah! (Why wanna teach the kids to do the domestic helpers work? I rather let them learn ABC & 123)" I couldnt say more... hahaha!!!

I have more than 101 lists, but dont think I wanna waste my time jotting them down! Anyways, I just wanted to lepaskan geram. hehehe..

Here's some Misconception about the Montessori Method i found online, that talks about the lists below.
  1. Montessori is too structured. It doesn't allow for the child's freedom and creativity.
  2. The Montessori Method isn't structured enough for my child.
  3. Montessori lets kids do whatever they want.
  4. Maria Montessori was against fantasy; she didn't believe in letting kids be creative.
  5. Montessori doesn't allow the children to play; they spend all their time working.
  6. Montessori discourages children from working together.
  7. Montessori pushes academics on children before they are really ready.
  8. Maria Montessori was an occultist and the Montessori method is based on evil teachings.
  9. Children in early Montessori schools were taught to sweep and clean as training for becoming servant girls when they got older.


Mama Bliss said...

Hey Joan, I blog hopped here through MyBlog community...and I truly must commend your courage to clear the air about the Montessori's methods... cos I'm a firm believer of Montessori's methods as well... and like you I am a SAHM working full-time for my kids (& hubby) now... but I'm finding it loads of joy to be able to go through the day of learning through practical life skills with my 2-yr old son... he just learnt how to mop the floor recently... check out my blog to find out what we have done ya...

Love your postings...will definitely come back more regularly... possible to exchange links you reckon?

Sandra@miabambina said...

I also got some comments from other, like I am a failure when my dd still cant read properly by age of 5. And some mom looked at my in their pity look. And said oooh she still cant read a book? how saaaaaaad?
or oooh why is she still so blur in writing?
My DD is 5 years old, and she is not yet fluent in reading. And they do teach her at school . She , of course can read a certain words but NOT ALL.
Some moms teach their kids ABC, 123 so early. And consider that if a kid can read early means they a brighter and smarter. ( as early as age 3)
Well....I am not completely agree.
I believe that , children learn a lot from daily activities. And they will need more than academic skills to be survive and to be success . They need" characters" like: self esteem, confident, problem solving skills, not easy to give up,respect others, appreciate simple things and nature and the eagerness to learn etc...
All of this will not be achieve by just forcing them to read and write. I am NOT AGAINST reading or writing or counting in young children , but I just want to pointing out , that there are also some other important things to teach them.
For younger children, I prefer to teach them by activities. They will learn also just by banging pots and spoon ( cause and effect), kicking ball ( gross motor skill), play dough ( fine motor skill), catching ball ( hand and eye coordination), craw under table ( space awareness), finger play ( body awareness)
Sorry for this long comment. I am just as geram as you i guess.....hhaha....
I m not taking montessori course but I do admire you to do that to your lil C. And it is great !

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