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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

HK D5 - 'Shopping Tour' in Kowloon

It rained, again! and we woke up quite late (the Vuns' excuse!) Walking out from the hotel room, just in time for lunch!

Again, this time strolling around Kowloon area, and its S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G time... its more like 'we need to be under the shade, away from the rain' thingy! So, we decided to tour the shopping malls.. Practically, we didnt buy clothes coz the shops are selling winter clothes.. Imagine, whereabout are we gonna wear thick clothes in KK? Maybe in the house, where the aircon's temp as low as 10C?? tee hee hee...

Hard Rock HK
lil C admiring the guitar doorknob of the Hard Rock Cafe HK.

Went to few malls for window-shopping, and rested at the Harbour City, one of the largest shopping mall in Tsim Tsa Shui. The kids dozed off and we got our happy feet back! :p

Left HC about late afternoon, and yet still showering! However, we decided to walk along the Tsim Tsa Shui waterfront, which part of our itinerary was to visit the Avenue of Stars, where it honours celebrities of HK film industry (99% of the stars I've never heard of); and the Symphony of Lights, i.e. interactive lights of 44 key buildings on both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon with musical effects. It was worthwhile experiencing it, but I dont think I would watch it for the 2nd time!! When the symphony was played, the 3 monkeys were doing their 'break-dancing' and that attracted a small crowd watching them! *chuckle*

Alongside this waterfront, you can see the HK Cultural Center, with its curved roof and controversial windowless facade facing one of the most spectacular views in the world.. hehehe.. Why no window? Dont ask me...

Star Ferry Terminal
Star Ferry Terminal at Tsim Tsa Shui waterfront

Other things we wanted to experience was to take a Star Ferry ride, the history of it took place since 1888. But due to the wet weather & choppy sea, we hadda scrapped it from our to-do list.

Infront of the Ferry terminal, lies the landmark of HK, the Clock Tower, the only remnant of the original site of the former Kowloon Station.

Wu Kong Restaurant
Around 9pm, we went to Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant for dinner. We had few nibbles here and there earlier, so it was okay for everyone to have late dinner. Upon arrival, the queue was as long as from the entrance to the basement of the building.. Thank God we had enough people to fill the 10-seater table and someone had cancelled their reservation... So, we only waited like slightly less than 10mins to be seated.. hehehe..

The famous dish in this place is the cold pigeon in wine sauce, as recommended in the LP book... (I hafta shut my eyes when this dish was served. The bunch assisted by eating it as fast as they could before I could throw up..) When it was served, I could visualised the live pigeon lil C & I had just saw in the waterfront!!!! errkkk!!!! Somehow, picture didnt put me off... TG!!!

Last but not least, a visit to the Temple Street, at Yau Ma Tei. It is like the night market at Petaling Street in PJ, known as the busiest flea market at night in the territory. It is just a few blocks away from our hotel, so we make a left turn just to see what's on sale before headed back to the hotel. It was almost midnight when we arrived, so most of the stalls were busy packing their stuffs away. MIL bought some chinese blouse and lil C's CNY top.

A stall at the Temple Street

Past midnight, the kids were still energetic!!! An indeed tiring day, checking out the next day and headed for Macau Airport.

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