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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

HK/Macau D6 - Going Home

A late checked out from Eaton Hotel around 2pm. Didnt wanna rush (another vun's excuses!) coz everyone had a loooong day the night before.. :p The weather was good as compared to the past 2 days, too bad we hadda leave..

During the last minute shopping, the boys kept asking me taking their photos with a couple of mannequins... I think they had too much of Madame Tussaud!!

Then went to the Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal to catch the 3.30pm First Ferry shuttle to Macau, before headed for Macau Airport.

Eating HK Steam Yam in the ferry

We were quite ambitious that we planned to visit the Macau Fisherman's Wharf to kill time before our AK511 depart around 8.45pm, but it was so windy and chilly that we decided to stay put in the airport.

In the airport, I complaint that I was feeling light-headed esp when I entered the one and only Restaurant at Level 1. Then I realised that smoking are allowed in the restaurant, where a few tables were doing so. The pix above, noticed the bright square-like light on the right... That is the smoking lounge.... ??? Yep, can u believe that... in the airport itself!! What were the management thinking? Seated more than 50m away, the smoke was killing me!!! Ah yes... being preggo, our sense of smell is very very sharp!

Our AK511 plane home.. Good bye Macau, Good Bye Hong Kong!!! Till we meet again, but not so soon!

Next trip, I would like to travel to a more baby/kid-friendly place.. Maybe Australia / NZ.. SIL, BIL... interested?

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