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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Baby C's 1st plane ride to KL

This inaugural trip for baby C, we went to KL for official + personal trip. Before we left for KL, we asked Lil C if he had any places he wanted to visit. He told us that he wanted to see the KLCC Twin Tower. So we jot that down in our itinerary.

Queuing to check in at Terminal 2, AirAsia. We brought one luggage only.

Lil C loves seeing Men at Work.. He will describe every single transport & machines that being used.

We stayed in Boulevard Hotel, Midvalley for 5days; a better option for us to go window-shopping with kids. In case the kids were sleepy, we could just go up to our room to rest.

He just loves water!
Did some batik painting in one of the shops Papa training them to window shop. Love seeing the two boys in action

Our first night, we celebrated Earth Hour dining at Nando's in Midvalley. The mall had its lights turned off at least 40% and Lil C asked if there werent electricity during that night. I explained to him that its for the Global Warming Awareness and the Why Why Why kept going *dizzy*...

One of our main item in the shopping lists was Car Booster hunting, to upgrade Lil C's car seat. In fact, we had identified one before we arrived KL. Its the same place where we bought Lil C's first car seat, in 1utama. This time, we bought the Cybex Solution X for its safety and comfort feature. The old one will be inherited by Baby C (That's what happens when one isnt the eldest! Aren't the eldest kids lucky?)

Since we were at 1utama / damansara area, we decided to visit The Curve after being advised by friends that such place would have lots of kids' entertainment. Unfortunately, we didnt find anything for the kids to do. We were dissapointed for that took a day of our precious holiday.... hmmm... we could have visited KLCC instead...

A day before leaving KL, we planned to go to Sunway Lagoon. However, since SL only opens at 11am, so we thought of visiting KLCC first as Lil C was looking forward to see it with his own eyes (a backlog plan as the Curve visit took the timeslot). Instead of taking a direct trip using taxi to KLCC, we decided to let the kids experienced the LRT. So we took a taxi from our hotel to the nearest Bangsar LRT station... and the learning continued...

Walked up the stairs from the taxi stand to the Bangsar LRT station

Identified our stop and bought tickets from one of the vending machines. 

Baby C didnt want to miss out too

Waiting for our train...
"KLCC is there!"

Lil C : "Mama, why there's no driver?"

Cak, I am in LRT

Boggeying with the Twin Tower

Next, we wanted to go up to the Skybridge that linked both towers together. Admission was free, but the queue was too long, so scrapped the idea. As we were about to leave KLCC, Lil C saw Dinosaurs eggs display and was excited about it. We asked around and found out that there's a Dinosaur Exhibition (DinoTrek) at the PetroScience in Level 4.

At the DinoTrek Entrance. It was quite dark inside and Lil C hated the dark. He also wasnt keen seeing the dinosaur 'robots' after all...

The Spinosaurus protecting its eggs
A robot model of a Stegosaurus.

Next was the PetroScience and Lil C enjoyed the experience. THis was the highlight of his trip. He kept referring the Backyard Science TV programme (Astro Ch 552) to these experiences.

building a "pipe" for the ball to roll

playing with the "Magnetic field"

scooping some 'beans' on to the bucket

built his own "racing" car

It was fun at the PetroScience and that took us almost 4 hours to complete the whole journey (Baby C was sleeping in my pouch half of the time). We left KLCC before 5pm to avoid the bad traffic jam and decided to return to Midvalley for dinner. So, we didnt go to Sunway Lagoon either, but we felt that PetroScience was a better activity this time around.

Baby C feasting!

Makan Time, very very hungry!

"LEGO City" - Lil C found his favourite shop in The Gardens, next to MegaMall. Yeah, we visited this shop EVERY NIGHT without fail.

Our luggageS - 48kg! and no, I didnt get any books for myself :(

p/s Apology all friends esp to Elaine, Met & Flo for unable meeting you guys there. Travelling with the kids, there could be quite unpredictable. Will meet you guys nextt ime!


Leeyen said...

sounds like a great trip! yeah, riding in LRT is defenitely fun.My boy loves it!

Deana E said...

lil C going to be a genius..so much learning hehehe..you all must have fun...just look at the bags..haha no books? how come?staying at the mid valley some more..

Joan D'Arcy said...

Its both side learning! lol!
Didnt get any books coz the books that I wanted not in stock... sigh!

Anonymous said...

hi. I was browsing for some feedback on cybex solution x car seat n came across ur blog. Any comment on said car seat. Is it comfy? Is the material breathable?
My 3 year old daughter tends to fall asleep in a moving car.
I plan to buy it online, so i do not hav the chance to view n feel the car seat myself.

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