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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cameron is 1

Time really flies. It felt just like yesterday when baby C was born.. We did a simple, yet meaningful celebration on the 4.4.2009, a trio celebration! My mom was born on the 4.4.1944 (same date as Baby C) and niece Michelle's 6.4.1998. We had 2 cakes, carrot cheese cake for Baby C from Denna and the vedablu icecream cake for mum & mich.

The classical pose!

So cute! Love the doggie figurine (hmm.. the head kept falling off as Lil C was curious, keep touching it)

My little family

hmmm... which one is better?

Lemme try to break it first...

Before the cake cutting, the kids were dipping in the Pirate Ship (Baby C's birthday present from us) while Baby C was still in dreamland. In fact, Baby C slept the whole day from 12pm-4pm. Papa woke him up to blow his cake.

At night, when everyone had left.. Baby C was playing with his koko's Lepao Blocks.. trying to put the driver on his seat.


Leeyen said...

yeah,time flies! Baby C is already one year old! Happy belated b/day to Baby C!

Deana E said...

happy birthday baby c..well, the three kids are enjoying his present..he should be in them too..he slept for 4 hours??? wow..no wonder he is so chubby, cukup tidur.sona only sleeps 1 or 2 hours the most during day time. can copy ka the picture ?hehe..

Joan D'Arcy said...

Thanks Leeyen

Dena: ahaha!!! ya, kuat tidur tu! Bulih ambil ba kalau ko :)

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