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Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Craft #1

Got this craft idea from Jojoebi. Thanks for sharing.

It's the Easter Bunny's ear craft!

This scissors is for lefty's hand. I will always buy relevant stationaries for lefties whenever I see one as I know its difficult to live in the righty's world.

Lil C cut the ears for the bunny

Check out here for further details. Mama skipped taking pix here...

Look, Mama Bunni & baby Bunni posing! (Baby C just woke up- in a grumpy mood)

Sad Baby Bunni: "Waaaa.. I dont like long ears!!!"

The kid, pretended as if he didnt know I was snapping him... tee hee hee

ah well, it was fun! Was thinking of another craft tomorrow... The crosses on calvary..

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