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Friday, April 10, 2009

My 'sand'paper Letter

I revamped my sandpaper letter! No more using "sand", instead I used the soft velvety material as it is more delicate to my 'eczema-prone' fingers the kids. Inspired by mamabliss a long time ago, I only managed to complete the task recently.. Like what she said, "a painstaking experience ....... the things parents would do for their little ones"

This time, I did cursive letters as I think cursive are easier to trace than the print ones. (See here for the Language Activity with Sandpaper)

I downloaded the D'Nealian cursive fonts, using font size 500. I used double-sided adhesive tape to glue the letters on to the (yellow) felt material.

Cut according to the shape of the letters takes days hours to complete.. and this is just the demi-final result.

Paste the consonants on to the pink card and the vowels on the blue ones.

Lil C tracing and making the /i/ sound

Not bad :) Of course we cant expect Lil C to master the art of writing immediately. Learning is a journey, not result! 

This is Mama's handwriting. I remembered my mom helped me to develop the cursive handwriting when I was in Primary 1. Not only it is beautiful, but it is more efficient in speedy notes taking than using the print ones. :) Nowadays, people had forgotten the art of handwriting.. You dont think it can be done?

Can u belive that this was written by a child age 5yo, in Montessori school? Beautiful huh?

meanwhile, baby C sharing his giggles...

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