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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cameron in April

"Koko, are your eyes closed?" baby C thought his koko was playing with him

His current favourite meal: potato + mixed vegies
Last week was toasted bread

Vroooom!!! This reminded me of Lil C when he was a baby

His favourite snack: Jacob Cream Crackers
Hiding away while indulging himself

"Cameron!!! What have you done with my things!!" Koko upset about this...

"Tang!! Tang!!!" translated in English as : I wanna be just like Koko when I grow up

yes.. I run too... but very slow... like makcik siput :p !


Sandra@miabambina said...

oh so cute!!!! he is big now!
love your car seats arrangement!
and it is great to make it a habit for the young kids to stay in the carseat !GOOD JOB!

Joyce said...

Yay...baby gaga also can walk already...nanti i post on my blog ah..!!

Deana E said...

hahaha..wow when was the last time those babies met? last december..wonder when they'll meet again..kepoh may be..sona can walk already and has 1 tooth..aiyo i haven't take pictures.must take this week.

Joan D'Arcy said...

yeah, to teach kids about road safety, 1st need to teach them that it all starts within :)

I saw Gaga walking.. punya laju!!! cute oh!

Sona oso can walk! yeah!!! lumba bejalan mau? Congrats 1 gigi ody tumbuh! Lama the babies nda bejumpa...

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