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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random April

Joyride with the boys.
I have not been sitting at the front seat for a very long time.. prolly eversince lil C was born... seriously!! Now, with both carseats at the back seat, my fat butt cant squeeze in between the spaces anymore (Thank God! lol). Lil C is happy to have his brother to sit next to him, and Baby C does not cry knowing his koko is always there to keep him distracted happy!

One of his favourite past times. This was the first time Lil C played at the sand bunker. He was having difficulty hitting the ball out into the fairway. While every golfer hates this section, lil C was having fun being in here. The sand was everywhere on his head, body, in shoe.. Finally, after a number of hits, he managed to hit the ball out! Pheww!!

Wait... Not to forget to instill the golf etiquette in this young tiger! Rake the bunker to smooth out the footprints and other marks made before leaving the bunker :)

carrying his own golf bag, back to the driving range..

and hit another 50 balls... The most important is that he enjoyed the whole learning process.

Some random pictures: lil C's collection of airplanes made using duplo & lepao blocks.

Picture taken by Lil C.. say cheese!

meanwhile, update on baby C, he started walking 2 days after he turned 1. Now, he can walk without support and trying to run after his koko :) Now.. where is the video I took...??


Leeyen said...

bravo lil C! my son couldn't walk until he was 16mths old!

Joan D'Arcy said...

hehee.. children's development growth are different :) I didnt expect him to walk too soon, tho! ehehe

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