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Sunday, April 26, 2009

I am reading ...

I think that this book is good for beginners. I like it the way it says: Take Charge of Your Child's Education. While a lot of people are against homeschooling because of socialisation issue, here in this book it shares about it.

Social skills include taking turns, sharing, praising and thanking others, treating others with respect and kindness, listening to others, conversing with others, showing interest in others, following directions, exercising patience and tolerance, resolving conflicts and resisting negative peer pressure. 

A child can achieve these social skills in the home by learning basic manners and proper conduct, intereacting with family members, developing quality friendships, engaging conversations with others and through role-playing to further hone their social skills for variety situations...
I could clearly recall how Moral class was taught during my time in school - i.e. using textbook & lecturing about it! and I firmly believe that it is not necessary to attend formal school in order to learn proper manners..There are a lot of social opportunities out there like making friends with the parents' friends' children, neighbours, relatives, grandparents, uncles, aunties, friends' from music/swimming class... etc... and they come from interesting background and age.. as compared to own classmates in school... They only have friends of their own age...  Anyways, you can visit the author's website.


At the same time, I would also encourage my dear readers to read Women In Sabah book (written sometime in the 1980s by SAWO as the title said it all - and no! the contents arent obsolete!! Take heed!). This book can be downloaded here.

Women as a group are often seen through the certain stereotypes and realities of a minority of women who are more often highlighted in the media. The majority of women, who in their daily lives struggle to sustain their families and communities, remain unseen and unheard.

This book, published by SAWO, attempts to give a more balanced view and understanding of the status and contribution of the women in the state. It looks at a representative profile of women in Sabah based on our present understanding as well as drawing on the diverse richness of women's experiences. Taking a gender approach, this book highlights women's position within the present structures of economy, politics, socio-culture, education and law.

We have also shared some possible steps for meaningful changes; the most important being the working together of women and men in the process of building a just and equal world. Our vision of society, where there is no longer oppression within and across national, class, ethnicity and gender, is evident throughout the entire book.
Something to ponder upon...


Anonymous said...

Hi, such an inspiring read! I agree it's no use teaching manners/morals using a textbook, not effective at all. It's so funny how Malaysian education relies so heavily on textbooks, it seems like the teachers are not to be trusted or left to be creative in teaching!

Anyway, I've been to this site before but only noticed the hs aspect and massive amount of hs literature you've gone through! Charlotte Mason pun ada, impressive! I've just been introduced to waldorf, I'm also into Montessori, and Reggio but would say am open to all ideas as long as they work,logical to my mind and of course very child friendly! your posts remind me i need to review the books i've read too! :-)

Ling said...

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