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Thursday, May 21, 2009

HFMD strikes again

Latest update: Lil C had HFMD last week Monday, the third time in three years. The third day after Lil C got it, Baby C was also infected. Thank God that this time, it was very mild. There wasnt any fever, just blister inside the mouth & a couple on their palms and lack appetite to eat.

There's no medicine to give, just some mouthwash to asisst oral hygiene and a lot of liquid to prevent dehydration. We gave icecream, chilled milk.. basically anything that the kids wanted to eat, because during this period, they refused most kind of food.

After a week quarantined the kids at home, the symptom had cleared and the kids started to gain their appetite again. Good news too that it started raining few days back which cooled the atmosphere a bit, so we went out to the garden to work play.

p/s Lil C missed school for 2 weeks because I didnt want to send a 'sick' child to school, and I was making sure that he is 100% healed. The best thing about it was there was no whining / nagging about hurrying a reluctant child to school.. hehehe

Out at the garden, baby C having his apple snack

Lil C helping kungkung to trim the Starfruit branches

hmm.. can you see how skinny has he been?

While baby C busied himself collecting some cut branches..

"Look, I found a tiny Starfruit!"

"Mama, I think I found the ants' nest!" while baby C was also busy looking at it too.

Using the Spindle Box  work on simple maths
A Montessori spindle box is wooden with ten compartments numbered zero to nine along the back. The lesson also includes 45 wooden spindles and is intended for children who have already done some work with number rods and numeral cards. This lesson introduces the concept of zero and helps children associate the numbers zero through nine with their proper quantities.

This is funny. Lil C made this using his Lepao blocks. He claimed that the people in Hong Kong used this tool (a long time ago) over their shoulder to carry water buckets... hahaha! He specifically mentioned Hong Kong, but I think he meant chinese people.. He must have seen some of my Chinese History books with old photos.. lol!

Yes, he too love to scribble!

Badminton, anyone?

Using tennis balls?? hahaha! I think the kids are confused between Federer & Chong Wei

Monkey see, monkey do

Lil C built a hovercraft complete with the air-cushion underneath it, after watching about it in Discover Channel earlier.

While baby C playing along

Lil C built a truck, with reference to his Truck book (on the left)

Did some craft with paper & starch-glue, trying to make a soldier steel helmet.. lol!

Sketched a house plans, while described the details to me.. quite impressive!

Yeah, have no time to blog nowadays... Those are just some activities we did at home.. Tomorrow, we are going to the Wildlife Park !! yeay!


Deana E said...

interesting activities those kids have. poor lill c and baby C. are they healed now? i hope so, it hurts to see sick children. enjoy the park. i think i need to go again.

Joyce said...

that is very cute of them playing together... :) Baby C is so lucky to have a brother like cameron.

Sandra@miabambina said...

love your teaching n parenting style!!!
how is the boys now?

serene said...

wow celine, lil c enjoy a lot at home with so interesting activities.

Joan D'Arcy said...

Those are just "whatever-we-thought-of" punya activities.. not planned punya. I just cant get any decent pictures of the fast-moving kids.. & Lil C doesnt like me taking pictures when he is at 'work'. We enjoyed the Wildlife Park, have been there numerous time.. To lil C, its another outdoor classroom. Just a note: Dont go on Friday coz there will be no Animal Shows nor Elephant Ride on that day.. sigh! Rugi!

hahaha.. Sometimes I wonder, is it becoz Cameron is a boy? Bah, nanti ur Gaga pun syok juga tuh, ada adik... capat2 la.

:) I always remind myself that I need to relax a bit and not to be too strict to the kids. They should enjoy whatever they do, as long as they would not get hurt. They are okay now, started going out to public area ;)

Hahahah!!! It's unschooling! Do whatever we wanted to do at that time.. Nothing planned, as long as we enjoyed it.

Bits of Taste said...

Hi, blog hopped here. Your boys are cute! Your eldest also left handed. Mine boy too...

bZbee said...

lefties are cool you know...i'm a lefty too..but i think i use my right arm as more to do heavier stuff....

I too can't wait to have a house with yard..i'm sure i'll be spending more time at the yard than in the house...

Bonnie said...

Aw, HFMD? Poor kids, hope they are fine now. And yeah, like Sandra said, admire your teaching & parenting style. :)

Btw, are you homeschooling?

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