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Friday, May 08, 2009

Montessori Materials - Resource for Homeschool

Another good site for our Montessori Homeschool resources at Montessori Materials. Who says homeschooling is expensive? There are so many sites online that share good materials and all you need is own effort to search for them!

Btw, while there are many of these can be found easily, as caring parents, always do filter and make sure that your child is ready for these activities (as he will show interest). Also, I would still recommend the child to do more concrete activities for the child's self discovery, only then proceed to abstract ones. (Mind you, a young child doesnt see things the way we do. It's like they want to feel what does rough texture feels compare to the smooth ones. He doesnt want you to tell him that rough feels rough and smooth feels smooth.)


Other interesting links for toddlers at MontessoriMom.com

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