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Thursday, June 18, 2009

A dream came true

One of our activities during the recent school break, we visited a Firestation in Sembulan, KK. One of my cousin works there, so it was an informal visit. He brought us around and explained how does a Fire department work, in brief.

The kids, esp lil C were estatic to see real-life monstrous fire engines right infront of his eyes. He is one kid who is crazy over fire engines! You could hear the ooohs and aaaahs from this lil boy. The closest he ever been to one was one that passes our house quite frequently, but never touch them, what more ride on one. (Ok, that goes the same to Mama too, there's always a first time, right? - and this visit would not be the last one either! )

Here's us!

One of the Fire Rescue Tenders. Not sure how much water could this engine transport, probably 8,000 litres? Lil C was impressed by the roller shutters!

My cousin, Abang Abit, was kind enough to bring us around. Thanks abang.
These are the equipments needed to do the job - water pump, chain saw, helmet & other tools.

Lil C was amused with the water hoses - so many of them.

The rear of the engine - all the water pump equipment

My brother & family posing in front of the tender, with all the roller shutters were up.

Taking a break on another fire tender, I think this is a bigger one compare to the earlier. Could transport water as much as 10,000litres. Lil C kept instructing me taking pix of them

This is the TurnTable Ladder aka TTL, it got the oohhs and aahhs from us! It is so magnificent, beautiful red! (Ok, I know, its a novelty to me). Was told that the ladder can go as high as 100 metres (or feet??? - cant remember).

On the TTL

Lil C insisted me snapping this pix as he was excited seeing the ladder under this tender.

Fire Jet Ski.. vrrooom!

I wonder if these fire bikes are a team, meaning that 3 goes together to perform a task.
Each one has specific tasks; one carries the Floating Pump Unit, one is the Rescue Unit carrying cutting equipment and the last one carries Hose & BC Unit - predominantly at RTAs and small urban fires. Not sure, I only learn this online. Maybe next visit, I'll take a look closely!

An old Engine

Rescue boat!

Posing next to the racks of Firemen Uniforms.
We were told that the firemen use different uniform for different occasion.
The orange jacket (as seen in the picture above) is fire proof, so are the boots under it.
Not sure about the other attire, the patch of green and red.

Another uniform seen is blue (like the one the officer wore - shown at the photo below). Someone can explain please? (I left my memory bank somewhere)

This is the control room. This is where the '994' calls are received and they are able to identify the callers numbers. I wonder if that will solve the prank calls problem?

I was also told that there are few 'direct lines' from certain department around KK; no need to dial. Bestnya... esp if it links to my house directly.. teeheehee

Kakak Michelle taking care of Baby C

After walking around for one hour or so, the kids were exhausted. When we arrived home, lil C was bragging to everyone at home about his visit to the Fire Station. He then whispered to me, "Mama, next time, can we go and visit the Police Station?" hahahaha! He was already planning ahead. Hmmm... I dont have any police friend to visit... :D

Evaluation: I dont expect much out of a 4 year old kid with this visit. He was running around with his cousins, excited about the red machines! He got excited when he saw the roller shutter! He got excited to see the TTL & long ladders. I think the visit were educational, even for us adults. Unfortunately, this wasnt an Open Day so we cant see any fireman in action. Maybe next time!

This is all for now. Will post more activities later.


farrahar said...

Oh wow your kids are soo lucky!! Adam would be thrilled to actually be able to stand and pose on a fire engine!!

Sandra@miabambina said...

wahhhh this is the real dream came true for all boys!
and Lil C is so lucky!!

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